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  • Mon - Fri 8.00 - 17.00
  • Kaya Adrianus Kooyman 13-19, Curacao
  • 5999-4658181


As a Mercury and Boston Whaler dealer, our company provides a wide range of services for your craft. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the ‘complete boating service’, whether you are buying or servicing your boat. We have the staff and facility to make it happen and the years of experience to make it right. Our mechanics are ready to diagnose and repair any problems you may have with your boat.

Below you will find a quick list of quality services we provide:


  • Sales service of boats, yachts and engines
  • After-sales service and maintenance of boats, yachts and engines
  • Routine maintenance
  • Fiberglass Repair and Painting
  • Wash & Wax, also on location
  • Yacht Varnishing
  • Anti fouling services
  • Gel Coat Ceramic Coating
  • Stainless Steel Repairs
  • Boat preparation before inspection
  • Whether you are looking to buy new or used boats or yachts for sale, you will find a friendly and personalized service from Imix Marine Boat & Yacht Service
  • We have a comprehensive parts department for all your boating needs
  • We make regular visual checks after every service appointment

Contact us for all your boating needs! Imix Marine Boat & Yacht Service has you covered!



Seasonal or hour based oil changes for your four stroke Mercury engine or your lower unit, Imix Marine is the place to have them done by a Mercury professional. You would be surprised how much our technician can tell you just by doing an oil change. Visit us and feel free to ask about our maintenance program.


Propping your boat correctly is very important for the performance of your boat. Too much pitch if the prop pitch is too high (higher in inches) will result in your engine running to low in it’s RPM, the motor may run below the WOT range—called “lugging the engine”—which can also put undue stress on engine and gearcase components and performing badly. Too little pitch, if the propeller pitch is too low (lower in inches) the engine can run over the desired WOT RPM which can lead to engine damage, or to the engine protecting itself with a rev limiter.
Having our certified technicians prop your boat can make the difference in speed, performance but also engine life expectancy. 


Service your engine each 100, 300 hours or yearly is not a luxury. Our sea conditions does not permit us to take any chances with the reliability of your propulsion. Make sure we schedule your maintenance to keep you safe on the water. 

Gearcase Service and Repair

Your engine’s gearcase is like your car’s transmission, only your cars transmission doesn’t spend most of it’s lifetime underwater. And water is your gearcase its greatest enemy. With over 80 Years of experience in the marine field, Mercury designed it’s gearcases to withstand the harshest conditions on the planet. Nonetheless maintenance of your engines lower unit is essential. Fishlines can cut trough your seals and old seals can wear out. That’s why by changing your engines gear oil regularly we can detect a problem before the problem leads to destruction of  one of the most expensive parts of your boat. Water in your lower unit can lead to bearing corrosion, over heat and  break down. Do your 100 hour maintenance on the spot.


Our certified technicians can wire your boat from stern to bow. They are knowledgeable in electrical systems, so every option added to your boat is installed safe and professionally. Official dealer of Raymarine and Fusion Entertainment Imix is the right place to purchase and install your electronics. If you want an installation to be done right don’t hesitate to contact us.  







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